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I Outgrabe
a mome rath's opera
earth by april 
28th-Mar-2007 12:14 pm

earth by april*

show me more life
don't be a plain jane
love like death (completely)
but flow like april air
change totally
heed neither yesterday
nor tomorrow
be blue bright
and cry storms
love like death (indiscriminately)
abhor white plain flat cold
melt earth & hearts hibernating
wake the worms
love like death (but better)
don't be so frigid

*Note on the title which bears small relevance to the meaning of the piece: my parents first met at a restaurant called Earth by April (named, like this poem is, after a line from ee cumming's anyone lived in a pretty how town), where they both were working at the time.

14th-Jul-2009 06:08 pm (UTC) - Brings back memories....
I worked at Earth By April....great people there. Nice poem too :)
27th-Aug-2009 11:06 pm (UTC) - Cleveland Heights?
Unless there was more than one, I assume the Earth By April restaurant you mention was on the SE corner of Cedar & Lee in Cleveland Heights, Ohio? I grew up in the neighborhood in the late '60s (went to high school across the street) and worked at the nearby movie theater while attending college. It was a great restaurant and my first (but by no means last...) exposure to healthful dining out. The place was WAY ahead of its time, especially since the other three restaurants within spitting distance were an Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips (a.k.a. Grease Central), Mawby's (a great burger hangout) and Royal Castle, another hamburger joint. I knew some of the people who worked at Earth By April in the years before leaving town in '74, so perhaps I was acquainted with your parents?
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